Digital Credentials

Proof for the Workplace

Credivera can help you prove the information that is critical to your organization. Our technology platform provides proof of certifications and work experience using verified digital credentials issued directly from the source.

Reduce risk & uncertainty, faster.

Our proven framework helps increase confidence in decision making. The solution was developed to verify workforce compliance by collecting information from various sources, validating it and delivering it to the employer. It is utilized by enterprise level organizations to perform a range of services that all come back to one thing: proving your data. And if you’re able to prove your data, you can make confident, better decisions, faster.

The Credivera Network

The foundation upon which our Wallet and Compliance Tools function. The key to our Network is the ability to seamlessly integrate into issuing institutions, educators, associations, course and training providers that your workforce uses. Our Network delivers employer trust from an ecosystem of verified digital credentials and skills you can rely on.

The Credivera Wallet

The wallet holds your proven data. Our solution sources data from almost anywhere and visualizes it so it’s easier for you to read, sort, and share insights from. This level of efficiency is what allows our clients to make more confident decisions, faster.

Credivera Compliance Tools

Credivera Compliance Tools can be “stacked” depending on your needs since they have been developed to function independently. These tools help you manage contract and permanent workers across multiple locations with Document acknowledgement, Daily Check our COVID-19 fit-for-work Solution, and Projects. They support HR, Safety, and Management with real-time information and proof.

Credivera Services

Additional services can help you customize Credivera for your unique needs. As we learn about your organization and the goals you wish to achieve, we can integrate services from our partner network to offer a near-limitless solution to help you make better decisions, faster.

CANA is committed to maintaining a first-class safety program while also executing with operational effectiveness. The construction industry is at a crossroads for change. Traditional processes don’t always work in this new digital economy which consists of online training and remote work sites operating from phones or tablets. We wanted to innovate and with the increase of large projects, it has enabled us to scale fast and securely with Credivera.

Luke Simpson CANA Group of Companies

In response to Covid-19, the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) needed to find a way to privately screen people. Credivera Daily Check is a convenient option that could have been a much bigger issue if we didn't have this option.

Peter Thomson CAWST

Credivera's private blockchain enables us to issue verified micro-credentials to students once they've successfully completed the course and assessments. Think of it as the digital version of authorized diplomas framed on your wall. Today, Credivera's Wallet does it all.

Charles Pankratz Bow Valley College

Credivera is working with ABCRC to Improve tracking of recovered containers to increase confidence in, and strengthen ABCRC’s relationship with the depots. With Credivera, we hope to increase the validity of recovered containers sold across Alberta

Guy West Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation

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