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November 2021

A recent study by Checkster shows 78% of applicants misrepresent their qualifications.   There are several reasons resumes don't tell the whole truth. To start, people want to make themselves look a little better. Or, they haven’t renewed their latest certification or maybe they don’t know when it expired.  Regardless of the reasons, the consequences of these misrepresentations are costly and risky to employers. If you have an unqualified workforce, you may face liability if something happens on your watch.  Enough gloom, let's discuss the hero in this story, verified digital credentials. This technology is helping businesses improve operational efficiency and the

The COR certification shows that your organization has met the provincial OHS standards. When it comes time to obtain or renew your Certificate of Recognition (COR) status, your Health and Safety team is either confident in compiling the requirements or dreads the yearly collection process and crosses their fingers that they have the most accurate safety information. If you’re of the finger crossing group, read on for how one electrical contracting firm went from a time-intensive process, to quick and confident.   Why COR Certify? Before your organization can gain a COR status, you must have a health and safety management system in place or this process can take over 12 months to finish. This COR status is