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About Credivera

Our name is a trigger to our operating principles. Credible and Verified. While Credi speaks to strength and the ability to be believed, it is also about being completely convinced and confident that the information you own is true. Vera speaks to the demonstration of truth, accuracy and our brand promise to you: Proof.

We want to see people recognized for their proven skills and accomplishments and hired by companies that have high social and safety standards.

We’ve built some of the world’s leading networks therefore we know how transformative they are. We use private blockchain for the fast and private delivery of information so you can always trust the status of your workforce.

history of Credivera


Credivera is the new brand of TerraHub Technologies, a company that started in 2017 exploring emerging technologies in the digital economy. Sharing the latest research and education, our cofounders embarked on providing thought leadership to over 100 conferences and speaking engagements in just two years. As a result, the company identified a variety of industries that required real-time proof for assuring the credentials and certifications of their workforce. Today, Credivera addresses these complex challenges of data verification that businesses face and offer a true competitive advantage: Proof.

Our carefully curated partner network and globally open standards are what have earned us to do work with leading enterprises and the Government of Canada. Credivera is committed to the protection of privacy for the employer and the employee, therefore our solution makes sure that information is securely permissioned to those that need it and removed when the owner wants it back.

Our Team

We are the fun, ambitious group of people behind the brand that makes complicated things simple and seamless for our customers. The team at Credivera is hand selected and verified from relationships we’ve come to know and trust over the last 20 years of our paths intersecting at various corporations.

We value growth, objective curiosity, adaptability, trust and a sharing of knowledge so that we continue to help shape the way we manage digital identity today, and tomorrow.

Elena Dumitrascu, CTO of Credivera

Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer: Credivera embodies her passion to explore and push traditional boundaries of how we use technology every day.  As a thought leader she’s developed software for the energy and automotive industries in the form of multi-party, open network solutions for business spend management, electronic consumer wallets and e-commerce, which inspired her current focus on global digital identity and credentialing. 

Dan Giurescu CEO Credivera

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer: Dan’s vision for Credivera is to empower people in the ways in which they manage, share and control their digital information at work and in everyday life. Dan creates forward-thinking and innovative business models. His previous work changed North American regulations by introducing new technology for sustainable and transparent shipping of dangerous goods. Dan is a recognized keynote speaker, advisor, and board member across some of North America’s leading tech organizations and schools.  

Maggie Rigaux Credivera

A consummate connector of dots, Maggie is passionate about growing business in ways that value people and community. Maggie is a well-regarded global executive with experience in contingent workforce management and compliance solutions. She brings valuable insights to business challenges during digital transformation. 

Lindsay Golding CFO Credivera

Lindsay brings process and order through her love of numbers, spreadsheets, and reconciliation. She is a CPA and CA with over 15 years of accounting, tax, and finance experience from private start-ups to public international companies in both Canada and the UK.  

Leslie Newell Head of Marketing & Engagement Credivera

Leslie's innovative thinking paired with her creativity make her an unstoppable marketing leader. She  is our company and customer advocate! Her experience in B2B and B2C lends a passion for understanding and communicating to both types of customers and creates a seamless experience while inspiring the future of work through entrepreneurial, marketing, and community growth strategies. 

Dan Balan Credivera

Dan loves complicated data problems. His focus has always been on Information Science and Technology, managing the lifecycle of data quality and information processing. His deep understanding of data patterns, mathematics and technology make Dan a critical member of our team, one who can easily bridge new and old structures. 

Ben Inkster Head of Engineering Credivera

Ben’s passion is researching really complex puzzles with a customer-centric approach. He’s worked on large scale, multi-million user systems that cross international borders. Ben compliments our company’s ability to deliver a secure network that meets international regulations. 

Derek Johnson Head of Product Design & Development Credivera

Derek creates beautiful and useful products. His information design abilities and talent have contributed to thousands of happy users around the world. He loves serverless architecture, great design principles, and private blockchain! Derek complements our company’s ability to gain fast adoption across many industries. 

Andrew Jay Sr. Developer Credivera

Andy brings to the Credivera team a lifelong career in enterprise software solutions. Andy’s mentorship and leadership qualities are ones that our entire development team admires. As our resident security expert, he prides himself in building code that is clean, well-documented, and leverages the latest cybersecurity best practices.  

Stephen Rosinski Senior Developer Credivera

Stephen has managed multi-million dollar, complex implementation for Fortune 500 organizations and brings with him the professionalism, focus, and ability to identify and work on complex data problems. Stephen is a quick learner with a knack for conveying difficult concepts through storytelling. 

Calin Chirvase Software Developer Credivera Calgary

Calin is passionate about building intuitive and functional designs. As a recent graduate, he’s quickly growing into his developer role and applying his research in emerging web development standards to improve the  Credivera customer experience. He's a self-motivated learner, detailed oriented, and strong team contributor. 

Alexandra Bosomworth

Alexandra is a key member of all things marketing and is our go-to team member for handling a large variety of requests with diligence and ease! She brings her passion for brand and visual storytelling to Credivera where she designs and creates content for our community.

Join Us

Credivera is built by ambitious, technically savvy professionals and we’re always looking for talented individuals to join our growing team. If this describes you, then let us know what separates you from the rest.

CANA is committed to maintaining a first-class safety program while also executing with operational effectiveness. The construction industry is at a crossroads for change. Traditional processes don’t always work in this new digital economy which consists of online training and remote work sites operating from phones or tablets. We wanted to innovate and with the increase of large projects, it has enabled us to scale fast and securely with Credivera.

Luke Simpson CANA Group of Companies

You’ve made it extremely easy for us. The integration process is simple because you handle all of that and have been there to make it work for us. It’s been really smooth.

Victoria Grainger Wellness Works Canada

In response to Covid-19, the Centre for Affordable Water and Sanitation Technology (CAWST) needed to find a way to privately screen people. Credivera Daily Check is a convenient option that could have been a much bigger issue if we didn't have this option.

Peter Thomson CAWST

Credivera's private blockchain enables us to issue verified micro-credentials to students once they've successfully completed the course and assessments. Think of it as the digital version of authorized diplomas framed on your wall. Today, Credivera's Wallet does it all.

Charles Pankratz Bow Valley College

Credivera is working with ABCRC to Improve tracking of recovered containers to increase confidence in, and strengthen ABCRC’s relationship with the depots. With Credivera, we hope to increase the validity of recovered containers sold across Alberta

Guy West Alberta Beverage Container Recycling Corporation
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