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  Wellness Works Canada is the country’s only workplace health and performance association. Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Wellness Works is supporting workplace health practitioners in their training and development, accreditation, and providing them tools to build healthy, high-performing work cultures. We spoke to the founder, Victoria Grainger about her experience joining the Credivera Network and what it meant for this growing organization to offer verified training. Digital Credentials & Training Providers Wellness Works Canada is classified as an Issuer on the Credivera Network. They validate certifications, accreditations, and credentials all within Credivera’s easy-to-use platform.   “It helps us to be able to verify the credentials on an ongoing basis – year to year like other associations and accreditation institutions. Our practitioners

A new program from the University of Calgary, Continued Education. Short seminars designed to expand your knowledge of technologies being used across every aspect of modern organizations. They explore the ways technology impacts industry, the economy, and virtually every profession: digital transformation, analytics, cloud computing, cybersecurity and blockchain. Blockchain seminar on June 16th 2020