Digital Credential

A Confident Workforce Starts With Trustworthy Credentials

Training providers, educators, and associations spend countless hours managing and verifying their certifications for employers and individuals.

We improve credential management by offering your customers convenience, protection, and a reduced risk of operating without the latest qualifications.

Stay relevant as your customer’s first choice for their digital workforce.

Trusted Providers

Our cloud-based technology platform provides proof of work experience and certifications for your customers.

Issuers consist of training organizations and course providers, educators, associations, and more. They assist individuals and companies looking to verify and share their digital credentials.

We Believe In Using Secure Technology To Create An Always-On, Always-True  Digital Credential

Whether you’re a course provider or manage designations for your association, we help you seamlessly integrate your training solutions into a fraud-proof platform that grows your brand and simplifies your administration.

Key Benefits to Issuing Institutions & Organizations

Reduce Time & Inefficiency

Remove the need for your administration team to spend time responding to certifications, degree qualifications, or membership statuses for customers upon request. Instead, have all certifications uploaded to the cloud-based platform, readily available to individuals at any time in their Credivera Digital Wallet.

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Increase Lifetime Value With Customers

By having access to your members’ credentials, you can review and remind them when they need to renew certifications. Now you can easily send out reminders of expiry and target renewals with the confidence – maintaining credibility and retaining a long relationship with your customers.

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Encourage Engagement & Accountability

Existing customers and members have constant access to their Digital Wallet of Credentials. Reward users for public sharing. Encourage them to share their accomplishments and credentials with peers and on social media – building trust, boosting engagement, and staying top of mind in front of existing and new customers.

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Elevate Your Organization's Operations

You can rapidly set up digital credentials by using a platform that integrates with your existing learning management systems, transforming data management.What does that mean? The platform will get your customers excited about having secure, fraud-proof, and verified credentials that they have control of. And, excited customers means referrals resulting in more exposure and greater market share where you want it.

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Empowering Workforces

Training providers with verified digital credentials drive a thriving workforce.

Why you should join Credivera

Safeguard Their Data

Personal information of a worker can be shared or revoked as they desire. Our secure platform helps keep member information safeguarded at all times.

Reduce Workplace Risk

Pre-verification of skills using verified credentials allows employees and managers to access information in seconds, allowing for speedy information proving they have the required qualifications.

Real-Time Access

Customers can share their credentials with managers, peers, and contractors from any chosen device. Employers can log in and access the current status of their worker’s certifications showcasing your brand within an easy and simple format.

What is an Issuer?

An issuer is a specific organization that creates a validated record for the achievements of an individual.

Examples of issuers include training providers, associations, corporations, non-profit organizations, and governments.

In a nutshell, an issuer is an entity that is responsible for generating the credential. Once the credential is created, it is then given to the holder who stores it for later use.

Powerful Partnership

Credivera recently partnered with one of Canada’s largest issuers, We Know Training, to enable training participants to not only receive digital credentials for their learning but to also be in control of how they share, renew and manage their credentials in real-time. A Digital Wallet of Verified Credentials allows users to simply display their credentials from their mobile phone – anytime, anywhere.

Join our Dependable

Qualifications are a significant part of an individual’s career and day-to-day life. Spending hours managing your issued credentials and verifying people’s certifications and degrees for employers is unnecessary. Credivera helps you remove any administrative backlog and helps your participants access their verified digital credentials from their devices proving compliance and improving business operations.

Access proof of qualifications with a click of a button. A quicker and easier process than ever before.

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