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Cofounder, Chief Technology Officer

As cofounder of Credivera, Elena compliments the company’s ability to spot digital identity and credentialing trends across industry boundaries. As a computer scientist and ecosystem builder, Elena is a driving force in global blockchain adoption. Previously an executive in software development and sales, Elena built software for the energy and automotive industries in the form of multi-party, open network solutions for business spend management, electronic consumer wallets and ecommerce. Her career began as internet technologies were taking off in the automotive industry. Leading the architecture of the first build and price solution for North American car makers led to a […]

Cofounder, Chief Executive Officer

As Founder of Credivera, Dan is a passionate entrepreneur who dedicates himself to creating forward thinking and innovative business models. With a user-centric eye, Dan’s work typically involves new ways of connecting businesses, individuals and assets while being recognized as a keynote speaker, advisor and board member across some of North America’s leading tech organizations and schools. Dan has helped to change North American regulations in the transportation sector by introducing a new technology for sustainable and transparent shipping of dangerous goods. He is now on the pursuit of changing how people and businesses manage verified credentials and proof of […]

Chief Growth Officer

A consummate connector of dots, Maggie is passionate about growing business in ways that value people and community. She is honoured to share with her teammates, partners and clients the privilege of participating in the Digital Credential industry at a time of rapid change in how we access and consume technology. In her numerous senior executive and leadership roles, Maggie’s information technology application and delivery experience encompasses both large enterprise and small entrepreneurial settings. These have proved invaluable in providing her with fundamental insights into the business challenges facing companies of all sizes. Maggie’s most recent successes as a transformation […]

Chief Financial Officer

Lindsay loves numbers, spreadsheets, and thinks reconciling is good fun! She is a CPA CA with over 15 years of accounting, tax, and finance experience from private start ups to public international companies in both Canada and the UK. Lindsay provides our company with accurate financial data to make better decisions and tell its story. She brings process and order, but she isn’t all boring and set in her ways– Lindsay loves the challenge of a new and evolving business and industry!

Head of Marketing & Engagement

Leslie is our company and customer advocate! Her experience in B2B with oilfield services, and B2C in high-end athleisure, lends a passion for understanding and communicating to both the company and the end-user. Her goal is to create a seamless customer experience while inspiring the future of work through entrepreneurial, marketing, and community growth strategies.

Information Architect

Dan loves to laugh, research rare minerals and complicated data problems. His focus has always been on Information Science and Technology, managing the lifecycle of data quality and information processing. His deep understanding of data patterns, mathematics and technology make Dan a critical member of our team, one who can easily bridge new and old structures.

Head of Engineering

Ben’s passion is solving really complex puzzles with a customer-centric approach. He’s worked on large scale, multi-million user systems that cross international borders. Ben compliments our company’s ability to deliver a secure network that meets international regulations.

Head of Product Design and Development

Derek creates beautiful and useful products. His information design abilities and talent have contributed to thousands of happy users around the world. He loves serverless architecture, great design principles and private blockchain! Derek compliments our company’s ability to gain fast adoption across many industries.

Senior Developer